5 Innovation Think Modes

CEO Business Growth

5 Innovation Think ModesStuck in a mental rut? No storm in your brainstorming sessions? Try these think modes on for new business ideas:


Look for vaguely similar processes and situations as far removed from your present situation as possible.

  • What if we were designing a household whitegood instead of a 5 gigalitre catalytic extraction and processing module?
  • How can I apply the IKEA warehouse model to my knowledge management system?


Describe and work within an opposite situation. Looking at the opposite situation can often derail brains stuck on a single logical train of thought.

  • What if we were selling to 4 year-old boys, not 40 year-old women?
  • What if we charged the suppliers and not the consumers?


Let loose the humour and silliness, however inappropriate it may be! A funny, silly comment can often spark real gems of business ideas.

  • We can NEVER say that! Or can we?
  • What…

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