Without Competitive advantage Innovate Design is Meaningless

When working on the business pitch, the importance of having a competitive edge in both the design solution and business strategy became increasingly apparent. There are many ideas out there and businesses and designs start to become similar due to the diverse immensity of all the ‘stuff’. Without a plan to innovate competitive advantage in a design of a product, service or experience, the overall business can become boring quite quickly and the market looses interest.

The design of our product ‘Changing Rooms’ however, is an innovative idea that we hope to see become a necessity. A service to customers that will change the way they shop online through the medium of a virtual shopping interface. This is the type of innovation that does not become boring quickly as it is a useful tool for so many people, and becomes a necessity to a majority market made up of online shoppers. It also opens up the possibility to attract new markets, such as people who shop only at physical stores.

When the mobile phone first came out it was a radical innovation. Now that everyone is using smart phones you can see that it has come a long way and phone companies are constantly refreshing their designs. Looking into the future, it is crucial for the design firm Next to keep refreshing this service, because although it will become a necessity to online shoppers and revolutionize the shopping experience, it is a service that will keep having to refresh its image and develop even further as people’s expectations rise.


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