Final Presentation! Take a bow !

For our third and final presentation my group and I worked well together to:

–      Create a realistic business in the year 2030 in our chosen quadrant; high population growth and exponential growth in technology

–      Developed a short and simple mantra that highlighted the vision of our design firm

–      And successfully developed a business model and product for a fictionalized client

This presentation really focused on being able to communicate the business in terms of why it exists, how it can provide for the betterment of society and the process of forecasting possible future scenarios. These are all concepts that are important in both the business and design industries, and whilst working on this pitch I was able to better understand how to apply innovation in the real world. I also was able to understand how crucial it was to apply design thinking in businesses and to work in collaboration with a diverse group of people.

Group work has not always been my strongest point, as I like to work as an individual. But looking at the way most businesses are structured, it is evident that working in a collaborative environment is much more beneficial, especially when it comes to producing design outcomes. Innovative thinkers such as Tim Brown help to emphasize this importance.

I think that our design firm Next, worked well to cater for the needs of the population in the given scenario. We looked at what the consumer needed and produced a service that would make life easier for them through the use of innovative technology. A downside to this product however was the fact that we did extensive market research into the clients customer base and looked only into markets that concerned the retail industry. I think that as a design firm situated in the future, our products would have been more meaningful if we had looked at what the society needed rather than just the needs of a certain market. More radical innovations can be made when businesses and design firms look at the whole picture- that is, the needs of society and the way forward for the community as a whole.


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